Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Goal Achieved - Double or Nothing Time?

So I reached my monetary goal for May.

Pretty much the first time that has ever happened. Probably has something to do with umm playing more? Pretty simple imo.

So I told myself that if I made my monthly goal I'd take a 5 buyin shot at 5/10NL since I won't be devastated now if I lose it. I still want to do it since the potential upside is huge, plus I really feel that I'm playing the best poker of my life. I literally haven't had a losing day since like April 20th.

Pretty sick. Running good is fun.

But running good can also fuck with your confidence. I mean sure I've been doing good but what if the mind and ass-fuck shit storm that jebus has cooked up for me hits me during my 5/10 shot and I never recover. I could totally see myself getting a few KK vs AA situations, brushing it off as variance and proceeding to drop 10-15 buyins at my "new" level and never wake up.

But I think I at least owe it to myself to try. To be honest the competition at 2/4 is pretty weak and I feel that I have my tilt problems under control. I really can't remember the last time I officially "tilted". Other than a few buyins lost throughout the year, 2008 has been essentially tilt free. And at the very least I'll learn something from the better players and about myself as well.

I'm probably the only full time poker player in the past 2-3 years that has literally never taken a big scary shot or even a drunken night of 10/20NL. I've been properly rolled+ for every hand of poker that I've played since I deposited my first $100 and while some people may see that as admirable (people with bankroll management problems) I look at it as a colossal fail. I mean I technically "gamble" for a living, I should start living like a gambler.

And success at 5/10 isn't even out of the question. Hell, bad players win there all the time. I'm sure I'll run into some super sick players but for the beginning I'll try to avoid them as much as possible and just get myself grounded.

And to those that ask, "Hey don't you play 2/4NL? Why not move up to 3/6NL first?" I have this to say.

Fuck you. No one ever got famous playing 3/6NL


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