Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hold Up

Ok so things didn't go as planned.

Basically the day after I decided to take a shot at 5/10 I opened my credit card bill to see a truly rude number so I decided to hold off on the shot until next month. My inner nit cheers with joy.

Additionally I am going to London, England for a week which is notoriously expensive. No real reason, just for vacation.

In other news I've continued my absolute domination online which is weird since usually when I post about running good I insta-lose for a week straight. I ended up with my best month ever, beating my previous best by $2589 which is definitely sick.

The shot is coming, just perhaps a month later.

In other news, here is Fred Astaire in Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal". Somehow they figured out these dances match perfectly and it looks so sick.


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