Monday, June 09, 2008

Back from England; Off to Vegas

Got back from England 2 days ago.

Going to Vegas today.

Planning on playing a wide variety of cash games starting with 2-5NL to get my feet wet then moving to 5-10 and maybe even some 10-20 if I run good. I'll probably end up joining a random $500-$1000 buyin donkament for fun as well. I'll be staying for a week so I'll have a lot of time to play.

In London I played at their downtown casino. They had a poker room set up but with limited dealers. This meant that for most tables you had to deal for yourself. This was hilarious to me. Being at a casino, playing a table game, dealing for the table. The net result of no dealer was excruciatingly slow play - much worse than regular live play. I made 50 pounds in 2 hours and called it a night after seeing a total of about 20 hands.

So I'll be back online in a week, again.

In the meantime enjoy some friendly comics courtesy of

Don't click at work though due to graphic/hilarious depictions of body parts. My favorite is #23


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