Thursday, June 26, 2008

Epic post

I've been playing a shit ton the past 2 weeks since I've got back from Vegas that I haven't had time to do much else. As a reference point the most hands I've played in a month is something like 30k. In 9 days I've managed to play 38k hands. Its funny how having no money will do that.

But I sort of forgot I left all the readers of this blog at a cliffhanger with my last post - eluding to the best part of my trip.

Here we go.

It was the last day I was in Vegas and I had just busted out of the $2k event as I had described. I was pretty upset and grinding 5/10 for another 10 hours (100 hands) for some reason didn't appeal to me. My friend and I were both feeling the pain of live poker and we decided to give it up and just go out clubbing.

So we shower up (not together) and get dressed to the nines (button up shirt!) and we decide to take advantage of the "free drink" policy at casinos and play some poker until we are mashed - then presumably go to 'da club. I've been to some of the "hot" LV clubs and wasn't impressed - not that I'm ever really impressed by clubs anyways. We decide to head to our old stompin' grounds where a few years ago we spent every waking moment for 3 weeks - MGM grand.

Walking through the casino half buzzed, I feel a rush of energy. There is something about familiarity with a casino that makes you feel good. Now my original plan was to donk it up at 1/2, throwing buyins around like I'm mother-fuckin Hugh Hefner but there was about a 14 person waiting list, so we just sat down at the first available 2/5 game. The stakes of my drunken domination had just doubled+$100.

First few hands I'm 3 betting everyone - taking down a bunch of pots with cbets and shit, throwing all the regular nits off guard. Everyone is pretty nitty and not drunk - so I contrasted well. There were two exceptions however. One being a young kid from LA who was drinking and not that good at the pokers but an all right guy to talk to, and another being an old man with a clear drinking problem - ordering double grand marnier's throughout the night. Old drinking man was directly to my right and was the primary source of the nights entertainment.

You know how they say that even though people expect to lose to the house in a casino but they still play because its entertainment they are paying for? Well thats how I felt tonight for the first time. I wasn't overly concerned with the money I lost because I had already lost a boatload and was just dying to get back online and playing. For the first time in Vegas I was having fun playing poker - imagine that.

When I sat down old drunk man was sitting on about $80. I reraised his open raise with 76s and he pushed. I obviously snap called and hit a flush to take what I assumed to be his last $80. He must have rebought to about $500 though soon after - probably when noticing that I was here to gambool (gambool passes spell check?). I was playing up my image well, slopily stacking chips and haphazardly throwing them into the pot when betting. At this point I wasn't very drunk - only about 4-5 beers but no one had to know.

A few hands later I pick up KK in the blind with 23423 limpers facing me I popped up big to like $50. Obviously almost everyone calls. Flop comes KTx and I obviously cbet. Oldest nittiest man on the planet raises me and I snap move all in. He calls. As soon as he says call I say "I win" lolz. As the dealer deals the turn and river blanks I say "pair of kings" and show one king. He nods to my statement (one pair goot?) but then I flip over the other king. This sends him into a rage. Now it wasn't really my intention to rile him or anything - I was just playing around. In hindsight it was kind of a dick move but I thought everyone was chillin. Little did I realize that I was playing with the worlds biggest life nit of all time. Throughout the night he would constantly complain about any minor "improper" event that happened at the table. I told him to be kind to the fish at the table or they will leave - refering to me.

So I'm dubbed up and feelin good despite the negative energy coming from old man nit. I think I end up donking away a few hundred here and there with missed draws and 2nd best hands then I do something actually stupid.

There are a few limpers and old drunken man raises to $15 (3xbb) which is his standard raise for some reason despite the limpers. I try to isolate him by reraising with 88 to about $60. One guy calls the 2 raises cold then old drunk man reraises again to like $200. At this point what I should have done was fold. What I did do was misread the fuck out of the situation. For some reason I thought that old drunk man had limped along with the other players, then after seeing me raise he decided to reraise. If that had actually been the action I would have no problem getting it all in with 88 there since it is highly unlikely he would limp anything that beats 88 after a bunch of people had already limped. But I forgot that he had made a raise. Small details like this matter - but they are hard to remember while drinking apparantly. So I snap go all in and he obviously has KK and I lose.

That hurt. Rebuy.

I'm still in a good mood though despite the loss and now all the table nits are chomping at the bit to get my action. This one nit to my left is a young asian kid who is audibly upset that he can't pick up a hand. I play a neat pot where I raise with 67 hearts, get one caller (the LA kid). The flop is something like KJ8 with 2 clubs. He check calls my flop bet. Turn is like a 2 and it goes check check. River pairs my 6 and he bets. I call pretty quickly and he has nothing. "Its hard to make a pair" I says. LA Kid is not amused.

However LA kid was pretty funny. All night long he had been bragging about hooking up with some strippers last night at the club and was texting one of them all night. He was planning for her to come meet him at the MGM to his hotel room for some out of club fun. He kept asking my friend and I if she should bring some friends for us since he has a suite. He then tells us that its $2500 each. I wasn't ever considering it anyways but $2500 is so lol, and even more lol that he was bragging about it. No strippers ever showed up.

I'm basically seeing the flop with any 2 reasonable cards and trying to outplay people. It generally doesn't work since no one gives me credit, and it starts to annoy me that people are taking turns beating me with superiour cards. At this point old drunk man has ammassed something like a $3k stack courtesty of random donations from me as well as a few other stacks he's taken from others. Its pretty funny since he can barely drink his drink without getting poker chips in it - literally. Since the cupholders are below the table level he kept dropping chips in his drink. I guess eventually he got sick of taking the chips out that he just left them in there while drinking. Wierd dude.

One hand I have T5 of clubs and call a raise - as does everyone else. Flop has 3 cards with 2 of them being clubs, so I bet when checked to me. Nitty young guy calls me and everyone else folds. Turn brings my flush and I decide to check. He checks behind. River is a low card so the board is something like KJ862 with 3 clubs. I quickly check ot him since he probably has a king since he called my flop bet and will probably try to value bet it after I've checked twice. He does and I quickly and sloppily pop it up to $375. He snap calls me with some garbage and I say "I has a frush". I win and he quickly leaves the table. Its funny because he had been waiting a few hours to get in a pot with me and he leaves right after.

Now comes the climax of the night. I had a respectable stack up to this point - somewhere around $800. I've been straddling all night and had done it again this hand. For some reason every single person at the table folds except the big blind (old drunk man) who limps in. I haven't even looked at my cards yet and I raise it to $30. He snap calls obviously and then blindly donks out like $25 before the flop comes. The flop is K82 with 2 spades. It is then I look at my cards and of course I have QQ. I decide to raise the flop since he blind bet it and he snap calls. Once again, before the turn is dealt he donks out like $50 this time. The turn brings my set - Q of spades also bringing the flush. I knew he wouldn't be randomly donking out with a flush draw on the turn so I was sure I had the best hand. Now heres the best part. Simply the best thing I've ever done live. As soon as I said the words "raise" he INSTANTLY says "CALL!". I hadn't even said how much I was raising to or put out any chips yet, but since I said raise and he said call his call is binding to whatever amount I want to bet. Since I had the nuts I lol'd and went all in for like $700 into a $100 pot. He had to call. River is nothing and he shows his K6 or whatever for top pair. I sort of feel bad but hes a dumbass who took my stack earlier from me not paying attention, so were even in my eyes. He still has like $1k at this point but hes pretty upset.

That is by far the funniest stupidest thing anyone has ever done to me in a live poker game.

The night ended on a shitty note though. Simliar situation, old drunk man raises and I reraise him with KTs. Once again he blind bets the flop. Flop comes down A63 rainbow. I raise him a bit since hes going to miss that flop so often, yet he snap calls. The turn brings an 8, and he check calls my big bet of like $200. At this point I really don't know what to put him on. His blind donk bets are fucking with my now pretty drunken mind. All I knew was that he couldn't be that strong, maybe something like AT. River brings a 9 so its A9863 rainbowish. He checks and I snap go all in for a huge overbet. He obviously snap calls me with A3 and now I'm the one who is pissed.

You know how you get irrationaly angry when you are drinking and something shitty happens? Thats what happened to me. I pretty much lost my mind. The next few hands I was so tilted, I was just literally throwing chips into the pot. One pot my friend cbet the flop and I just snap threw my entire stack into the middle like a giant baby. I left shortly therafter.

Bad ending to an other wise awesome and hilarious night. Oh we didn't end up going clubbing since by the time we were done it was like 5am and was too drunk and too pissed off to do anything but sleep and get the fuck out of this shit hole of a city.

So drinking while playing poker - I'd give it a 9/10 especially if you are willing to lose a bit. Your image is hilarious and you can't beat fucking with the minds of local nits.

But next time I'll probably do it at 1/2 so I don't end up dropping a grand needlessly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

drunkin old men are like slots with only cherries on them...haha JP

3:46 AM  
Blogger Malfaire said...

dee, i haven't been on your blog in some time, but am super happy to see you have some awesome goals and are doing well against them. keep it up, man! good shit.

1:58 AM  

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