Monday, September 08, 2008

Back The Truck Up

Here is a gambling 101 moment for you.

Tom Brady went down for the season last night. Yes, as a Pats fan this is obviously the worst possible thing that could ever happen. However, like poker, in testing times, you must maintain a calm thought process and avoid tilt. You cannot be a winning poker player if you can't bounce back from devastating loses. The same is true in New England.

The Patriots play at the Jets next Sunday. With no Brady injury this line is easily New England -14. Currently, without Brady the line is Jets -1. This is a serious over adjustment. As sick as Brady is, no chance he is worth 15 points. Everyone across North America right now is inexplicably high on the Jets right now. OOOHH BRETT FARVE!!! I agree they are a better team than last year but they were 4-12 last year, it's not hard to improve on that.

I'll say it right here. Put any starting QB in the league in a Jets or GB uniform and you will get the same result Farve gets. Hes washed up (was never that good?). Did anyone even watch the Jets / Dolphins game yesterday? They almost lost! Pennington had that Miami offense unstopably moving down the field on the final drive for the win, threw a bad pass from the 10 yard line and game over. Farve is destined to regress back to his pre 2006 season stats. In the game yesterday, 4th and 13 Farve is chased out of the pocket, and then slings up an air ball to a guy who is triple covered. Miraculously he catches the ball for the TD and Farve looks like a genius. Throw that up vs the Patriots? Int.

Sure Cassell is a complete wildcard, but we still have Belichick and in Belichick I trust. This happened to the Pats in 2001 when Bledsoe got injured for the season and they won the Superbowl. Belichick is the master of the adjustment. And if you don't think the Pats are going to be fired up to beat a division rival with something to prove you are insane. Look what the Pats did with motivation last year - 18-1. This team thrives on motivation. They are a team of solid veterans who want nothing else than to win. I guarantee they now want to prove to the league that they can still win without Brady.

Pats +1 @ Jets. What a joke. Back the truck up on this one. It will be close, but no chance they lose.


Pats Homer

Oh and as a side note, I've started a seperate fantasy football blog since I didn't want to clutter this site up with football shite.

Dee's Fantasy Nuts

Hopefully it is enjoyable.


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